Republigaffe: Republican Gaffes as they Circle the Drain

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They Want to Kill Americans
The Militias, Terrorists, and Deranged Ideology of the Trump Insurgency

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What is a Republigaffe?

The Republican party, in the era of Donald Trump, has a membership with limitless extremist ideas. They are against enlightenment and tend to embrace a "mid 19th century" view of the world. Considering all of that, it is no surprise that Republicans make a lot of gaffes. If they are not mangling English or saying something totally off the wall, just wait a few minutes for it. See the top Republican gaffes curated for your entertainment (and rage) below.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the typical little man with deep love for the Republican far right. He is a believer that the strong should take from the weak and he supports white supremacist causes. One of the first big gaffes Trump made was to speak favorably about sexual assault. Unsurprisingly, at least sixteen women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct. Here are exerpts from the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape, speaking to Billy Bush:

"I did try and fuck her. She was married." "I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn't get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she's now got the big phony tits and everything. She's totally changed her look." "I've gotta use some tic tacs, just in case I start kissing her. You know I'm automatically attracted to beautiful -- I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait." "And when you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything." "Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything."

-- Donald Trump, "Access Hollywood" Tape, made public in 2020

It is fully understood that Trump is a person with no religious faith. He has demonstrated with his life that he loves the deadly sins. That famous walk to Lafayette Park, when he posed for photos with an upside down bible? It was just a pretense for violently lashing out at George Floyd protesters. What's more, only a person with zero knowledge of scripture would refer to Pauls second letter to the people of Corinth, "Two Corinthians" (and not even trying to get it right). The religious far right loves Trump because they both hate the same people.

“Because I hear this is a major theme right here, but Two Corinthians, right? Two Corinthians 3:17, that’s the whole ballgame. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, right? Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty,”

-- Donald Trump, January 18, 2016, Liberty University.

Trump spoke to voters in Buffalo, New York, three months after speaking at Liberty University. He completely mangled his reference to the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Is he just bad with numbers? Or is he so smug that getting things right not matter?

"I wrote this out, and it's very close to my heart. Because I was down there, and I watched our police and our firemen down at 7/11 — down at the World Trade Center right after it came down. And I saw the greatest people I've ever seen in action. I saw the bravest people I've ever seen."

-- Donald Trump, April 18,2016, Buffalo New York

These traumatic events - terrorist attacks with jetliners down to mass shootings - don't matter to Trump. He doesn't need to know the details because neither he nor his followers care, nor will anyone hold him accountable. Here, he speaks of a shooting in Dayton, where 9 people died. Trump says the location was Toledo. How would you feel if your spouse, child, or mother were shot to death, and your best friend fails to remember their names or where it happened? You would expect better...

"May God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo; may God protect them. May God protect all of those, from Texas to Ohio. May God bless the victims and their families. May God bless America."

-- Donald Trump, August 5, 2019, at the White House

Trump badly mangles names, from time to time. Perhaps the most notable was when he was speaking at the White House for a signing of an environmental conservation bill. Trump pronounced the word "Yosemite" in a way which rhymes with "dynamite" and "vegemite" instead of the more proper "manatee" or "prosperity." To make matters worse, he tried again, but with an added syllable to create "Yoseminite."

"When young Americans experience the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon, when their eyes widen in amazement as Old Faithful bursts into the sky, when they gaze upon Yosemite's - Yoseminite's - towering sequoias, their love of country grows stronger and they know that every American has truly a duty to preserve this wondrous inheritance."

-- Donald Trump, August 4, 2020, at the White House

In yet another attempt at pandering to his racist base of neo-nazis and neo-confederate insurrectionists, he brought up a Civil war battle and praised America's enemy. Trump's worsening dimentia left him unable to form coherent sentences. What came out of is mouth was gibberish almost as bas as the stench which erupts from his ass.

There is nothing beautiful about any battles of the Civil War. Recent estimates place the Civil War death toll at 750,000 people killed. At Gettysburg, there were 7,058 killed, 10,790 missing, along with 5,000 horses and mules killed. No, that is not beautiful; it is ghastly.

Gettysburg was swarmed by millions of flies and other vermin which came to feed and lay eggs in the rotting corpses. Look at the photos and read accounts of Gettysburg residents who returned after the fighting ended. The foul smell and flies were truly horrific.

When Trump praises the Confederacy or says a battle was amazing or beautiful, he doesn't know anything. He simply wants to give pleasure to his white supremacist followers.

"Gettysburg, what an unbelievable battle that was. The Battle of Gettysburg. What an unbelievable ― I mean, it was so much, and so interesting, and so vicious and horrible, and so beautiful in so many different ways. It represented such a big portion of the success of this country. Gettysburg, wow. I go to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to look and to watch. And the statement of Robert E. Lee, who's no longer in favor—did you ever notice it? He's no longer in favor. 'Never fight uphill, me boys, never fight uphill.' They were fighting uphill, he said. Wow, that was a big mistake, he lost his big general. Never fight uphill, me boys, but it was too late"

-- Donald Trump, April 13, 2024, in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene appears to be barely literate, unable spell for shit, with no understanding of math or science.

"In our private chat with only Members, several are saying the only way to save our Republic is for Trump to call for Marshall law. I don't know on those things. I just wanted you to tell him. They stole this election. We all know. They will destroy our country next. Please tell him to declassify as much as possible so we can go after Biden and anyone else!"

-- Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote to Mark Meadows on January 17, 2021

Trump's plan was to push and agitate his followers until they went totally crazy. Then he would declare martial law and not transfer powers to Joe Biden, who was the actual fair and lawful winner of the 2020 presidential election.

The Gestapo was Nazi Germany's secret police force, ruthlessly eliminating opposition to the Nazis within areas they controlled. Marjorie Taylor Greene mispronounced their name as "Gazpacho" during a rhetorical statement.

“But now we have Nancy Pelosi’s gazpacho police spying on members of Congress, spying on the legislative work that we do, spying on our staffs, and spying on American citizens that want to come talk to their representatives.”

-- Marjorie Taylor Greene, February 9, 2022

Who remembers the fun days of biology in school, or those cool science shows on YouTube? Somewhere along the way, you must have read or heard the word "petri dish," where bacteria are grown in a lab environment. Do you think Marjorie Taylor Greene would be familiar? It seems that she is not... She called it a "peach tree dish."

“You have to accept the fact that the government totally wants to provide surveillance on every part of your life. They want to know when you’re eating. They want to know if you’re eating a cheeseburger, which is very bad because Bill Gates wants you to eat his fake meat that grows in a peach tree dish. You’ll probably get a little zap inside your body and that’s saying ‘No, no. Don’t eat a real cheeseburger, you need to eat the fake burger, the fake meat, from Bill Gates. They probably also want to know when you go to the bathroom and if your bowel movements are on time or consistent. I mean, what else do these people want to know?”

-- Marjorie Taylor Greene, May 29, 2022

In late 2022, Greene continues to make us all aware of her ignorance of biology and basic truths. A lot of MAGA types will say anything to affirm an anti-mask / anti-vax position on COVID safety measures. Masks prevent the transfer of saliva droplets between people when they breathe and speak. Greene seems to think the virus travels alone through the fibers just as fart gasses do. No. Farts are gas molecules; COVID is a virus which rides saliva droplets!

"So many people still wearing masks. I just want to ask you. If a pair of underwear, really thick ones, high quality cotton, can’t protect you from a fart, then how will a mask protect you from covid??"

-- Marjorie Taylor Greene, November 29, 2022

During two separate congressional hearings, Marjorie Taylor Greene launched into rants about Hunter Biden and displayed poster-sized sexually explicit images of Biden. Those happened on July 19, 2023 and January 10, 2024. If not after the first event, then certainly after the second one, there was cause to wonder if MTG was secretly some sort of horny MILF with a Hunter Biden obsession.

Things became a bit more clear, that MTG's osession wasn't necessarily so much about Hunter Biden, but more generally about male genitalia. There was a Freudian slip during a meeting in late January, 2024, as she was discussing the basis for impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

"This historical evidence is overwhelming that the Founding Fathers intended impeachment to be used to deal with the commission of ‘in-dick-table’ crimes and the abuse of power."

-- Marjorie Taylor Greene, January 30, 2024

Pay attention here, as the far right loves to quote the so-called Founding Fathers and Constitution of 1789. They rarely focus on America's Second Founding through the Civil War and Reconstruction Amendments (13th, 14th, and 15th). Of course, the neo-confederate far right hates to recognize their defeat in the Civi War. Not only that; they hate the post WW2 prograss and order set up post World War II.

Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz stays close to the typical Republican talking points, but he can be triggered by smart adult progressive women. They are not as easy to dominate as juveniles...

“How many of the women rallying against overturning Roe are over-educated, under-loved millennials who sadly return from protests to a lonely microwave dinner with their cats, and no bumble matches?”

-- Matt Gaetz, May 4, 2022, via Twitter

Lauren Boebert

Greene is not alone when it comes to Republican representatives who say crazy and outlandish things. House Representative from Colorado, Lauren Boebert, comes up with some amazing words. She spoke recently in Mendon, Illinois, at a rally for FORMER president Donald Trump. Boebert expressed a desire, very contrary to the Constitution, to make the government subject to the church. She was also factually incorrect.

"I'm tired of this separation of church and state junk — that's not in the Constitution. It was in a stinking letter, and it means nothing like they say it does. The church is supposed to direct the government. The government is not supposed to direct the church. That is not how our founding fathers intended it."

-- Lauren Boebert, June 25, 2022

Boebert had quite the foot-in-mouth moment on June 2nd, when she was trying to dish out criticism against proponents of gun safety in the House of Representatives. With an intensely saShe asserts that Democratic governance of states and cities has driven up demand for firearms, then makes a statement about sales volume of "F-15s," which is not a gun, but a multi-role combat aircraft.

"Democrats are single handedly responsible for the sale of tens of millions of firearms. Bravo; well done! I hear that the interest has begun to peak when it comes to the sale of F-15s."

-- Lauren Boebert, June 2, 2022

Boebert made a blasphemous statement during a loony attempt to support the 2nd Amendment, uttered before a religious conference. Her audience was filled with people who will cite the New Testament teaching that Jesus gave his life in sacrifice, willingly, to atone for mankind's Original Sin. Jesus even rebuked followers of his who used violence. Somewhere in her life, she must have heard someone quote John 3:16, about said sacrifice.

"On Twitter, a lot of the little Twitter trolls, they like to say, ‘Oh, Jesus didn’t need an AR-15, how many AR-15s do you think Jesus would've had? Well, he didn't have enough to keep his government from killing him."

-- Lauren Boebert, June 8-12, 2022 Family Camp Meeting, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott is more careful than Borbert, Greene, or Trump when he speaks. He still has that rotten character of Republicans, but he does focus loyally on his party's talking points. Recently, in the debates and rants about banning abortion access in Texas, he defended forcing victims of rape or incest to involuntarily carry a fetus to term. He made no accommodation and regurgitated the usual UNHELPFUL talking points:

"Let's make something very clear: Rape is a crime, and Texas will work tirelessly to make sure that we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going out and arresting them and prosecuting them and getting them off the streets."

-- Greg Abbott September, 2021

None of that helps a victim after the fact. It is similar to the "good guy with a gun" talking point pertaining to gun safety. It does nothing to remedy the harm to the first victims before responders do into action.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is your typical "low information" Republican. On December 30, 2021, Cruz discovered that public dancing was prohibited in "WA" and decided to throw stones at the Democrats. Except the Democrats hold no offices in "WA," which is not Washington, but Western Australia. Cruz is yet another Republican who believes he does not need to be careful when he attacks Democrats - at least to get his facts straight first.

"Blue-state Dems are power-drunk authoritarian kill-joys. Washington State: NO DANCING ALLOWED!!! Any rational & free citizen: Piss off."

-- Ted Cruz, December 30, 2021 via Twitter

Quite often, Ted Cruz knows better and deliberately lies to create soundbites for future voters who will not recognize the lie. On April 22, 2021, there was a media event during which Republicans ranted and did theatrics to express opposition to President Joe Biden possibly expanding the size of the Supreme court. The immediately prior history was that Republicans blocked - for a YEAR - the appointment of a justice by Predident Barack Obama. They used the excuse that it was "too close to and election." In a complete reversal, the hypocrites RAMMED Amy Coney Barrett through confirmation at the very end of Donald Trump's term of office, "because it was the president's perogative." Cruz was on hand for all of of the Supreme Court games, but vehemently denied it for the cameras.

"You didn't see Republicans when we had control of the Senate try to rig the game. You didn't see us try to pack the court."

-- Ted Cruz, April 22, 2021, Gaslighting for the Media

Candiss Taylor

"All the globes, everywhere. I turn on the TV, there is globes in the background. There is globes on there - right here (points to the area behind her right shoulder). This would would be a globe here, if I was a normal person. Everywhere there is globes, you see them all the time. It is constant. My children are about 'Momma - (points around) Globe. Globe. Globe. They're everywhere, and that is what they do to brainwash. For me, if it is not a conspiracy, if it is, you know, real, why are you pushing so hard? Everywhere I go, every store, you buy a globe. There is globes everywhere. Every movie. Every TV show. News media. Why??"

-- Candiss Taylor, May 26, 2023, Jesus, Guns & Babies Podcast

Stella Immanuel

Stella Immanuel is a pastor and doctor known for her anti-science and supernatural explanations for the causes of diseases. Because of her ability to create doubt and confusion, she was promoted as an expert by the Trump Administration when she supported popular remedies for the COVID virus which DID NOT WORK.

“Many women suffer from astral sex regularly. Astral sex is the ability to project one’s spirit man into the victim’s body and have intercourse with it. This practice is very common amongst Satanists. They leave their physical bodies in a dormant state while they project their spirits into the body of whoever they want to have sex with...”

-- Stella Immanuel, "Deliverance from Spirit wives and Spirit Husbands (Incubus and succubus)", 2015

Rudy Giuliani

For a long time public figure, Rudy Giuliani has a high rate of gaffes, both silly and offensive. He uses typical Republican talking points, favoring voter suppression and claiming falsely that there is massive voter fraud peretrated against Republican candidates. Here is a gaffe, however, where Giuliani complains about virus testing and contact tracing. Be aware that tracing and testing is indeed a proper action for contagious diseases, but not chronic illnesses not transmitted from person to person.

"We should trace everybody for cancer, and heart disease. And obesity. I mean, a lot of things kill you more than Covid-19. So, we should be traced for all those things. I mean life possesses a certain degree of risk."

-- Rudy Giuliani, April 24, 2020, on Fox with Laura Ingraham

Mary Miller

Mary Miller is yet another elected official with very far right ideology in the Republican party. She has made clearly fascist statements on multiple occaisions. See Miller's words quoting Hitler from a 1935 speech:

“Each generation has the responsibility to teach and train the next generation. You know, if we win a few elections, we’re still gonna be losing unless we win the hearts and minds of our children. This is the battle. Hitler was right on one thing. He said, ‘Whoever has the youth has the future.’”

-- Mary Miller, Jaanuary 5, 2021, Washington DC (Moms for America speech)

Those fascists try to conceal the depths of their commitment to fascism, so they play a word game when praising the likes of Hitler, saying he was "right about one thing." Look at their history, and you will see that they repeatedly praise a lot of different "one things." Do not be fooled.

“President Trump, on behalf of all of the MAGA patriots in America, I want to thank you for the historic victory for white life in the Supreme Court yesterday.”

-- Mary Miller, June 25, 2022, Trump rally, Mendon Illinois

Madison Cawthorn

Madison Cawthorn had a short career as a congressional rep from North Carolina. Elected by the Trumpist base who selects a candidate for ideology instead of rational qualities, like decision making ability or how well he understands and is willing to defend the Constitution. Politicians like Madison talk the talk but are deeply flawed and unqualified. Here, Cawthowrn toes the far right and Russian talking points about Ukraine

"Remember that Zelensky is a thug. Remember that the Ukrainian government is incredibly corrupt and it is incredibly evil and it has been pushing woke ideologies."

-- Madison Cawthorn, spreading disinfo at

After lots and lots of anti LGBTQ rhetoric from Madison, some interesting video surfaced of Madison Cawthorn being groped by a staffer and Madison Cawthorn humping his cousin.

Paul Gosar

Gosar is a congressional representative from Arizona who positions favorably to the far right and is favored by Christian dominionists and white supremacists. He has spoken in clear and direct contradiction to FACTS related to the insurrectionist attack of January 6th, 2021, in an attempt to minimize the crimes and portray criminal defendants as political prisoners. This man is a primary reason to abandon bipartisanship in the United States Congress.

Biden should concede. I want his concession on my desk tomorrow morning. Don’t make me come over there. #StopTheSteaI2021

— Paul Gosar, January 6, 2021 via Twitter

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sometimes, you must wonder, "What was she thinking, to say a thing like that?" That was certainly the case for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, when she tried to run the Republican talking points about restricting women's reproductive health care choices. It was shortly after the horrific Uvalde, Texas school shooting when she said that safety in the womb will be made equivalent to safety in schools and elsewhere. Other places are also unsafe, because there are too many damn personal firearms in the hands of people capable of mass murder. Schools, parades, places of worship, supermarkets, night clubs, and music shows have all been locations of mass shootings. Sanders must know that.

"We will make sure that when a kid is in the womb, they're as safe as they are in a classroom / a workplace / a nursing home."

--Sarah Huckabee Sanders, June 26, 2022

Louie Gohmert

Louie Gohmert, a House Rep from Texas, is a familiar proponent of far right viewpoints and routinely repeats far right disinformation and talking points. He was angrily complaining about the treatment of Peter Navarro, who was indicted for contempt of congress.

"We have a two-tiered justice system. If you're a Republican, you can't even lie to Congress or lie to an FBI agent or they're coming after you. They're going to bury you, they're going to put you in the DC jail and terrorize and torture you and not live up to the Constitution there."

-- Louie Gohmert, June 3, 2022 to a Newsmax Reporter

Gohmert, as is typical of many Republicans on the far right, has a terrible understanding of scientific facts or the associated mathematics. He raised a question based a lack of knowledge about climate and its relationship to the moon's orbit - and also the earth's orbit around the sun. The most stupid of ideas sprouts from a desire to literally move all of the mountains and oceans in order to accommodate the fossil fuel industry.

“I understand from what’s been testified to, the Forest Service and the [Bureau of Land Management], you want very much to work on the issue of climate change. I was informed by the past director of NASA that they’ve found the moon’s orbit is changing slightly and so is the Earth’s orbit around the sun. We know there’s been significant solar flare activity, and so — is there anything that the NationalForest Service or BLM can do to change the course of the moon’s orbit, or the Earth’s orbit around the sun? Obviously that would have profound effects on our climate.”

-- Louie Gohmert June 8, 2021

Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe had observed something critically important about solutions posed by climate deniers, which is also applicable in other areas where Republicans oppose resonable solutions. Republicans are deliberately evading the true solutions by offering wrong, but palatable, excuses. They are actually protecting parties with an interest in the problems NOT being solved.

Debbie Lesko

Debbie Lesko is yet another Republican on the far right who has said outlandish things in furtherance of the party's agenda. During argumentation against a gun safety bill, she opened possibility of shooting her family members to protect them. WTF? Would she burn down her house with gasoline to prevent engulfment by brush fire?

“I have five grandchildren. I would do anything — anything — to protect my five grandchildren, including, as a last resort, shooting them if I had to, to protect the lives of my grandchildren.”

-- Arizona Representative Debbie Lesko, July 6, 2022

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