Republigaffe: Karma is for Moderates Too

Written and curated by Captain Thermobaric

Censorship's Grave
How autocrats lost the fight to block your internet.

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The worst mistake self-described "centrists" "or moderates" can make is to dismiss the breadth and depth of risks facing them (actually, everyone) as the USA trends toward fascism. I spend an inordinate amount of time sizing up people - what they talk about, what they do, and what they make or buy.

All of the popular Republican talking points are mere doses of fascism's gateway drug. Whether it is "traditional values," "religious freedom," "law and order, "small government," or "deregulation," they all lead to an America which is as screwed up as the states of Texas or Florida. Axes are being sharpened in preparation for a bloodletting not so different from those in Kosovo, Rwanda, or Burma.

Heed the warning I present in the video embedded here, because it is impossible to "lean just a little to the right" when fascists like Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Marjorie Taylor Greene, or Jim Jordan are the faces of the Republican Party. If you are in for a penny of that, you are in for the whole pound. Heed my warning embedded below:

An observation of the first anniversary of the Capitol Insurrection and attempted coup and a promise that the price of a coup is smoldering rubble from sea to shining sea.

If you think, "He watches too much CNN," be advised that I don't watch cable news. And this is not about the media. This is about what people are doing and refusing to do. This is about karma. Checks being written that asses cannot cash. Take it or leave it, but "folks is gonna roll."

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