Republigaffe: Red State Failed State

Written and curated by Captain Thermobaric. FUCK THE GOP. CRASH, BURN, AND GOOD RIDDANCE.

God, Guns, and Sedition
Far-Right Terrorism in America

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Republicans seek to make oligarchy great again and destroy democracy.

I write this on August 28th 2021. I once again say, "Told ya mofoezz: Texas is the ValuJet of states!" The observation is evident in numerous instances of failed governance this summer. But I have come to realize that Texas is not the only failing American state. In fact, Florida is a failed state as are several other "red states" under governance of Republican legislatures and governors. It is the end game of the Southern Strategy and the Reagan Revolution. Say bye bye.

My ValuJet analogy worked for a while, but fixing this problem of governance requires a deeper look - a look into the underlying ideology. ValuJet was a symbol representing Republican guiding principles not only for business but also government run as a business:

Governors Abbott (Texas) and DeSantis (Florida) have embarked on a crusade to advance the goals of extremist right wing Republicans: people who are in the MAGA / Trumpist / Q Anon / Neo Nazi / KKK faction. They are less interested in governing than in fighting the culture war and contradicting anything advocated by the Democrats. Three things seem to top their agendas: virus, votes, and teaching about racial issues.

Instead of governing as prudent and wise leaders who love democracy, those bastards are acting as adversaries of democracy. Compare their actions to the neo-nazi "14 words" and you will see a correlation. All the while, COVID-19 sickens and kills more unvaccinated people in the red states. Hospital intensive care units are saturated and they cannot accept people hurt in accidents or suffering from other illnesses.

Instead of unifying the population as one body, with a single mind of recovering and building up their states, the Republicans are hell bent on breaking away and setting up authoritarian, white supremacist, dominionist Christian states. As such, Texas, Florida,and other red states resemble failed states like Somalia or Afghanistan more than resembling modern, functional places like British Columbia or New South Wales. I have said before that the USA is on course to have an internal conflict as in Kosovo or Rwanda. This is how it happens. States crumble, then the nation crumbles unless citizens and leaders take ownership of their democracy and mindfully build a nation which works for all of the people..

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