Republigaffe: Your Last Kick to the Hornets Nest

Written and curated by Captain Thermobaric

Censorship's Grave
How autocrats lost the fight to block your internet.

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Here is my latest commentary on events of the time. The radical right is metaphorically kicking the hornets nest in its continued promotion of THE BIG LIE that the presidential election of 2020 was stolen. Nullifying the votes of the people who selected Joe Biden will cause unrest and permanently harm the nation. We are either going to be a multicultural and multiracial nation united around those founding principles of equality under the law, unalienable rights and self-governance or we will be a dying fascist country leaving nothing but scorched earth and ruins for our descendents.

William Cooper used to say, opening his "Hour of the Time":

"This is the only hour which is or ever will ever be,
the most important hour in your entire lives,
for in this hour you will decide your future and thus,
our collective futures."

He was correct about that.

The Arizona recount is not about bamboo fibers, ultraviolet lights, or finger prints. It is about causing us to lose trust in democracy. It is just like the fake justice in the South during the Jim Crow era: pretending to value a rules based governance, but actually serving the white supremacists. That era is over, but the Trumpists and Q cult deny it. That is unfortunate, because there is a great risk of unrest and violence if there is any action to overturn the election. We are now in the era of justice for all or peace for no one.

Afterthought: I was so riled up at fresh GOP lies in the news, that I made another similar video for another channel. I could have called it, "lie to Your boss, your spouse, or your fling, but don't lie to me." In the end, I stayed with those aggressive creatures referenced in the first video. The GOP is openly lying about what we know to be true, possibly to seed the media with many clips to use for future lies about what happened in this time of Trumpism.

They want a godfather; a crime boss, not a president. They certainly do not want a democracy. We are soon going to see open conflict about it, as they will not stop, ever. Dammit, I really do have more respect for hornets than any person willing to support or coexist with the GOP. There is absolutely no chance of cooperation while the Republicans double down on Trumpism.

What will it be? E pluribus unum or e pluribus smoke 'em?

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